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Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson is the nexus of military readiness in Alaska, including commands for US Army Alaska, Alaska NORAD Region, the 11th Air Force headquarters, the 3rd WIng, and twelve other tenant units. The host unit is the 673rd Air Base Wing.

673rd Air Base Wing
The 673rd Air Base Wing was established in 1948 as the Naknek AIr Force Base Detachment, with the mission of supporting and supplying Naknek AFB, now the King Salmon Airport in King Salmon AK. The 673rd performed this mission in several incarnations, (as the 5073rd Squadron or Group) being inactivated and reactivated a few times but remaining an Alaskan unit in all activations. In 2010 the 673rd reactivated again to host and manage Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.
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673rd Aerospace Medicine Squadron
673rd Civil Engineer Squadron
673rd Communications Squadron
673rd Dental Squadron
673rd Force Support Squadron
673rd Logistics Readiness Squadron
673rd Medical Group
673rd Medical Operations Squadron
673rd Medical Support Squadron
673rd Mission Support Group
673rd Security Forces Squadron
11th Air Force
The 11th Air Force was established in 1942 to administer a collection of air assets that had been rapidly assembled in the last months before the onset of World War II. This new air force stood against Japanese offense in the Aleutian Islands and Dutch Harbor, and was one of the principal units for the Aleutian Campaign of 1942 and 1943, in which enemy Japanese forces were counter-attacked and ultimately driven from their only US territorial holdings. This campaign was followed by attacks against the northernmost outlying islands of the Japanese Empire.
In the Cold War, with the Air Force a separate service, the 11th became Alaskan Air Command, one of the main air defenses against probable Soviet air incursions and later long range radar warnings, providing “Top Cover for America.” This mission shifted moderately but remained essentially the same until the end of the Cold War. The end of the Cold War saw a major shift in the 11th’s mission. The AAC was returned to its former designation, the 11th Air Force, and the mission changed to global power projection.
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Air Force - 3rd Wing
Established in 1948 in occupied Japan from the core 3rd Bombardment Group (see the 3rd Operations Group for their history), the 3rd Wing was one of the first Air Force units to see action in the Korean War, and continued in action to the last of that war. The then 3rd Bombardment Wing launched missions out of Iwakuni Air Base, on the west coast of Japan, scored the first aerial strikes and suffered the first American casualties of the Korean War. The 3rd BW continued through the several stages of the war, participating in several important operations. In one of the 3rd BW’s night missions in Korea one of the wing’s pilots, Captain John S. Walmsley, Jr, earned the Medal of Honor: Capt. Walmsley discovered and attacked an enemy supply train, damaging it and, having exhausted his munitions, flew at low altitude under heavy anti-aircraft fire to direct other aircraft to attack the target, succeeding in destroying the target at the expense of his own life.
In the 1960s the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing (as then known) flew missions over Vietnam, flying ground support missions. The 3rd Wing flew for almost 60 months, and remained overseas, at a Philippine Islands base until the late 1980s, when the wing rapidly evacuated due to the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, and relocated to its current base. This relocation brought the current designation, 3rd Wing, and mission, global power projection.
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3rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (3 AMXS)
3rd Maintenance Operations Squadron
3rd Operations Group
3rd Operations Support Squadron
381st Intelligence Squadron
611th Air Intelligence Squadron
611th Air Operations Group (AOG)
611th Air Operations Squadron/AOS
611th Civil Engineer Squadron
611th Mission Support Group
611th Mission Support Squadron
703 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (703 AMXS)
732 Air Mobility Squadron
90th Fighter Squadron
962nd Airborne Air Control Squadron
The Air Force Band Of The Pacific
Training Detachment 14/372nd Training Squadron
Air Force Office Of Special Investigations Det 631
673rd Contracting Squadron
Training Detachment 14/372nd Training Squadron
Air Force Office Of Special Investigations Det 631
673rd Contracting Squadron

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